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Icon Cycling Adventures

Cycling Adventures in Vietnam encompass what is special about this fantastic country.

Featured among the rides on offer are:

Our cycling tours provide you the opportunity to immerse yourself in what makes Vietnam so special.

Select the riding type that best suits you and peruse the sights on offer. Finding it too difficult to choose, contact us for friendly advice and assistance. Our highly experienced riders and guides will help you select the perfect solution.

  1. Binh An to Canh Duong
    This 6km journey takes you through the market street of Binh An where the locals shop, no large tour groups found here. Leaving the market street, you reach the flat and firm beach on the sheltered shore of Chan May Bay where the warm waters of the East Sea provide seafood for local communities. The relatively calm water and gentle beach conditions provide opportunities for the working boats, traditional wooden boats and bamboo basket boats, to be pulled ashore and maintained giving you up close photo opportunities. Reaching the township of Canh Duong on the shores of the Bu Lu River, experience your very own paddling adventure in the famed basket boat before sitting down to a local food tasting experience at a nearby café and reflecting on your short adventure.
  2. Nui Gion (Chan May) (12km)
    This scenic ride follows the ocean along a quiet and seldom used road. Rarely are motorbikes or bicycles encountered however goats and cattle are most commonly found grazing the roadside.
    Up and down the very short hills provides ever-changing vistas as you pass rocky headlands and beaches constantly battered from the open waters of the East Sea. Upon these waters are often seen tiny fishing boats braving the conditions to provide for their families whilst the occasional cruise or container ship makes its way along the coast.
  3. Nui Gion (Chan May) – Mui Chon Dong – Binh An – Canh Duong (20km)
    Combining the two rides above, and adding a secluded country side incursion, provides travelers with a better understanding of life in rural Central Vietnam. Rugged Oceanside Cliffs, Shrimp Farms, Rice Fields, Timber Plantations, small villages, quiet country homes, through to the seaside villages providing schools, churches, shops, and government offices, all in one easy ride.
  4. Nui Gion (Chan May) Mountain Biking & Cave experience
    Your ride commences with a 6km ride along scenic seaside cliffs before a short climb to the ridgeline of Nui Gion. The ridgeline offers views to the north across Chan May Bay, Bu Lu River, local villages, and north to Laguna Lang Co and beyond to Bach Ma Mountain. Southwards lays the famous Hai Van Pass nestled in Son Tra Peninsula, Lap An Lagoon, and the famed beaches of Lang Co.
    Riding the logging trails brings you down to the newly opened but very historically significant, Hang Da Nha cave, which provided protection for many locals during times of war. Entering this cave you will feel the cooling air. Our Adventure Leader will recall stories of its past whilst you rest and enjoy some light refreshments.
  5. Tam Giang Lagoon to Bach Ma foothills (25km)
    Both beauty and variety await you on this ride. Starting your ride on the shores of this most picturesque lagoon, sun at you back, we make our way along the quiet path with rice fields and buffalo to your left and the immense expanse of the lagoon to your right - a photographer’s paradise.
    A solitary karst stands amid the fields with a hidden pagoda on its peak. Our Adventure Leader will escort you into this tranquil location to experience, explore, and understand a little more about the peaceful philosophies of Buddhism and the way of life for the monks.
    The lagoon supports an industry of traditional shipwrights transforming native timbers into ocean going vessels. Craft of all sizes from canoes and basket boats to twin screw 30m motherships are crafted here.
    Riding along the foothills of Bach Ma you are bounded by towering mountains on onside and the growing village of Phu Loc, home for most making their living from the lagoon. Leaving the village behind you soon arrive at a water fall that provides much welcome summer relief for the locals. With the water cascading over the rocks and forming clear swimming ponds below, you are truly enticed to cool off and enjoy some refreshments.

Icon Hiking Adventures

Getting around the traditional way – on foot !

See the best there is at a pace that lets you soak in all that your senses can handle.

Truly immerse yourself in each moment, whether it is within the jungle, smelling the cleanest of air, hearing the wildlife, a murmuring stream, perhaps a waterfall, seeing unique fauna and flora, majestic views, or it is through rural village experiences with the sounds of bustling morning markets, daily prayers at a temple, fishermen preparing boats and nets to go to sea, or buffalo working the fields preparing for the next rice crop.

  1. Laguna Cascades
    Start your Vietnam Hiking adventures with an easy 4km walk that takes you through the Resort before a short climb into the base of our local mountain. You will be rewarded with views over the picturesque golf course out to the warm waters of the East Sea. Cool your feet in the cascading water flowing from the mountain top above, or take a complete dip in the crystal clear pure mountain water and feel instantly reinvigorated. A visit to the organic gardens and animal farm that assist our sustainability achievements is rewarding in many ways.
  2. Local Cave, Banana Plantation, lookout and streams
    A short hike out from the resort combines settlement and war history, stunning views, a walk through a Banana Plantation and visits to a number of cascades. You can fit this all in during a 5 km hike and is another “must do” during your stay at Laguna Lang Co.

Icon Kayak Adventures

Paddle your way through coastal villages, past rice fields, oyster farms, shrimp farms, typical Vietnamese farm yards with chickens, ducks, pigs, buffalo, goats, along quiet meandering estuaries or across calm bays and expansive lagoons.

Icon SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Adventures

Everybody wants to SUP the world.

This easy going low stress activity is an option on some of our Kayak Adventures routes. Conducted on protected inshore waters to avoid any rough water or wind, you experience ideal paddling conditions so you can concentrate on the scenery rather than your feet.

Icon Jet Ski Adventures

Travel further and faster, with the wind in your hair, warm tropical waters below you, adrenaline coursing through your body, on the way to experiencing the wonders of Vietnam.

New to jet skiing – no problem.

Jet Ski Safari on Chan May Bay and Loc Vinh

Icon ATV Adventures (Quad bike)

The most fun on four wheels !


Grab this opportunity to try something new. Our staff will ensure you are equipped for adventure with the skills and knowledge needed to operate this fun machine. Follow our leader as he takes you into the forest, twisting and turning, up and down, fast and slow. So much fun you will want it to never end.


Our informative guide will lead you on a discovery of the Laguna forest and beach areas bounded by the Bu Lu River headland. Regular stops to take in the scenic vistas, other points of interest, and to grab that special photo occur at frequent intervals to maximize your safari experience. Wildlife such as squirrels and weasels, birds and butterflies are abundant in the forest and often seen from our viewing locations. We stop at a picturesque location to enjoy some light refreshments, take the opportunity to enjoy a dip in the calmer waters on offer, before navigating the beach back to the resort.

Icon Boat Adventures

Traditional Wooden Fishing Boat, Traditional Round (Coracle) Basket Boat, High Speed Rigid Inflatable Boat, choices to cover everyone’s sense of adventure. Which is for you ?


Take a cruise on the Bu Lu River, the life blood of the local Canh Duong fishing village. This river feeds lotus flower ponds, rice fields, shrimp farms, and provides a safe haven and means of ocean access for the local fishing fleet.

Board the traditionally built timber fishing boat, made at a local shipwright from locals sourced timber, and fitted out for passengers, you cruise the river seeking out magnificent views, farming activities and farm animals.

Visit the Canh Duong fishing village to experience paddling a traditional basket boat.

The robust timber construction with a minimal draught enables shallow water navigation. The captain can get the boat close to shore seeking out photo opportunities along the way and float across the many shallow shoals along the way.

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